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Vehicle Transport Service Lincoln

If you want to ship your vehicles across the country or even around the world is now possible with the help of Vehicle Transport Service Lincoln. Luckily, we have these services nowadays to accommodate transporting of our vehicles.

A vehicle is, of course, a valuable belonging that needs extra care when shipping like a fragile thing on a package. Choosing the vehicle transport service is a must. There are many types of services to help you decide which one can help and fits your situation.

1. Car Haul is the best choice for long-distance travel or cross-country shipping. Your assurance is that your vehicle will arrive at the destination safely is secured. They will place the car on the elevated platform of a carrier trailer, mostly with other vehicles. The trailer will be driving to the destination location for pick up.

2. Personal Vehicle Shipping. This type is similar to a car haul, and the difference is that your vehicle is individually transporting. Typically, it operates the same way, and your vehicle will be on the elevated platform. The carrier trailer will drive to the destination and can arrange for door-to-door delivery. Personal vehicle shipping is advantageous for individuals with busy schedules and having a hard time picking it up.

3. The expedited vehicle transport service. Expedited car haul is naturally the same as car haul method, but your vehicle will safely arrive at the destination on the fastest way in this type. You can arrange for expedited Personal Vehicle shipping as well.

4. Drive Away. You can hire a professional and experienced driver to drive your vehicle from your place to the destination. Drive away is also an excellent option for transporting your vehicle.

5. An enclosed Critical. This type of service is like Car haul and personal Vehicle shipping, and they only differ with they travel it. Instead of traveling in the open air, your vehicle will be enclosed in a secured box to keep it safe from the elements like dirt, water, dust, and insects. An enclosed critical method will be an excellent option for transporting luxury and classic cars like a sports car.

If you understand the differences between the types of services, it will help you choose which is the best for you.  Vehicle Transport Service Lincoln understands that your vehicle, regardless of its value and costs, is your valuable investment. For some instances, we have policies to discuss during the arrangement about the liability insurance policies. Make sure that you understand every detail of the coverage.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before transporting your vehicle.

  • Thoroughly check your vehicle
  • Take photos of your car 
  • Disabled your alarm
  • Do not fill the gas tank
  • Clean both the exterior and interior part of your car
  • Make sure you have the arrangement contract
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